Sanding and Planing Services

Many of our customers have a need for a thickness planer or a wide belt sander for surfacing slabs or glue-ups they have prepared. We have a sander to accommodate up to a 52 inch wide piece and a planer to accommodate up to a 24 inch wide piece. If you have one or many pieces to get surfaced, we have the equipment to get the job done.

Depending on machine availability, customers may need to leave their pieces to be processed at a later time.


Shop rates for sanding and planing are:

$60.00 / hour for thickness planer

$20.00 shop minimum for planing and jointing lumber not purchased at Forest Products

$10.00 charge for planing and jointing purchased lumber up to 50 lineal feet

No charge for planing and jointing purchased lumber over 50 lineal feet

$75.00 / hour for thickness sanding

$35.00 minimum charge for sanding or planing.

Prices are subject to change without notice.


Sander and Planer details

Our sander is a 3 head, 52 inch SCMI. This means we can sand up to 52 inches wide with 3 different grits of sand paper at the same time. The first head sands with 80 grit, the second with 120 grit and the third finishes with 150 grit.

Our planer has a helical head that is meant to reduce the amount of tear-out on the piece being planed. We can plane a piece up to 24 inches wide  



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